The world’s smallest wireless multimeter, DSO and logger

Pokit Meter

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Colour: Black

    Key Features

    Small but mighty, Pokit Meter is packed with features.

    Retractable Leads

    Convenience reimagined, with retractable leads neatly stored in Pokit Meter’s body.

    Find My Pokit

    Can’t find your Pokit? Use the Find-My-Pokit function to keep track of all your devices and give you peace of mind. This function locates your Pokit Meter using signal strength, and flashes the device to help identify it among others.

    Smartwatch App

    Keep your friends close, and your measurements closer. Pokit’s intuitive smartwatch app allows you to conveniently check measurements from your wrist.

    Colour Options

    Who said measurement tools always have to be yellow? With Pokit Meter, life is colourful. Choose from Black, Transparent, White and Yellow.

    Upgradeable App Modules

    Never go without the right tool again. The Pokit App is your ultimate tool box and travelling lab rolled into one. No more carrying redundant tools or missing out on measuring what you need to.


    Unprecedented Portability

    With Pokit Meter, you will never have to go without the right tool again. Diagnose and troubleshoot any problem when you're on-the-go. Attach Pokit Meter to your keychain to have it with you at all times.



    Step into the future of measurement. Wireless control brings unparalleled convenience and remote monitoring. Access data effortlessly on your smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, putting crucial information right at your fingertips.

    Easy to Use

    Simplify Your Work

    Don't let complicated interfaces slow you down. Pokit Meter simplifies the process and saves you time. The Pokit App's intuitive interface streamlines the measuring experience for professionals and enthusiasts.

    Why Pokit Meter?


    Portability is at the heart of what we do. We understand the need for mobility and convenience, which is why we have developed the world's smallest electrical measurement devices. With Pokit Meter, you can carry your essential tools with you wherever you go, ensuring you are always prepared for any measurement task that comes your way.

    Why Pokit Meter?


    Versatility is another defining feature of Pokit Meter. We have combined multiple tools into one compact device, eliminating the need for a cluttered toolbox. Whether you require a multimeter, oscilloscope or data logger, Pokit Meter has got you covered. Pokit Meter offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, making it the only measurement tool you will ever need.

    Why Pokit Meter?


    Pokit's innovative modular architecture takes customization to the next level. With our App Modules, you can easily upgrade your Pokit Meter with the specific tool you require at any given time. No more investing in multiple devices or being limited by a single functionality. Tailor your Pokit Meter to your unique needs for the flexibility you desire.

    Upgradeable Modular App

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