Pokit PRO Explorer Pack

Pokit PRO Explorer Pack: PRE-ORDER

28% Discount off MSRP!

Learn about electronics and programming using Pokit PRO. This starter kit is perfect for students or electronic enthusiasts. Get the Explorer Pack at a great price! 28% Discount off MSRP!

Will shipping in Q3 2020


Pokit PRO - Arduino uno R3 Starter kit - Pokit PRO Fuse Set


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Pokit ProPokit Pro
Sale price¥30,100
Pokit Pro Fuse Set
Sale price¥3,100
UNO R3 Starter Kit for Arduino
Save ¥2,700
Pokit Engineering BundlePokit Engineering Bundle
Sale price¥41,100 Regular price¥43,800
Save ¥2,900
Pokit Pro Essentials PackPokit Pro Essentials Pack
Sale price¥41,700 Regular price¥44,600
Save ¥4,100
Pokit Pro Duo Essentials PackPokit Pro Duo Essentials Pack
Sale price¥69,800 Regular price¥73,900
Save ¥5,200
Pokit Ultimate PackPokit Ultimate Pack
Sale price¥57,300 Regular price¥62,500
Save ¥2,600
Pokit Meter Duo Essentials PackPokit Meter Duo Essentials Pack
Sale price¥40,200 Regular price¥42,800
Save ¥5,900
Pokit Meter + Pro ComboPokit Meter + Pro Combo
Sale price¥39,100 Regular price¥45,000
Save ¥2,000
Pokit Meter Explorer PackPokit Meter Explorer Pack
Sale price¥22,800 Regular price¥24,800
Save ¥2,000
Pokit Pro Explorer PackPokit Pro Explorer Pack
Sale price¥38,000 Regular price¥40,000