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Great mini meter only drawback need more then one

After the long wait I am more amazed at all this probe packs in such a small form factor. My advice is order more as one is nice but 3 would be even better.

Excellent compact multimeter

This is the best (and only, heh) compact multimeter I've ever used. Being compact, you lose the screen but gain bluetooth connectivity. This has both advantages and disadvantages, of course - so I can't give it a full 5 stars and feel like I'm being honest about it. Never the less, the Pokit Pro is now one of my every-day-carries, and it has come in handy several times already since. The charge lasts long enough that you basically never have to worry about it, and while the lack of a power button takes some getting used to it's actually quite convenient. If you need a nice and versatile compact multimeter, look no further.

Hi Jaron, we're glad to hear that you are enjoying your Pokit Pro! We hope that your Pro can service you well while you're on the move.

pokit pro and meter

The Pro oscilloscope function is much improved from the smaller meter. The form factor with the probe options also helps make measuring more steady. The logging function is more intuitive in the new app. Really like mine. Worth the wait. Really like the usb charging capability. While the smaller meter is still more portable, need to carry replacement batteries.

Hi Sharon, we're glad to hear that you find your Pokit Pro as an improvement over your Pokit Meter!

Pokit Sticker Pack
Jean-Daniel Schwob (Switzerland)
POKIT Pro Petit mais costaud

Pokit et Pokit Pro, super innovation un voltmètre Bluetooth et tout est affiché sur votre smartphone, il tiens en son cœur un voltmètre, un oscilloscope ainsi qu’un logger pour chercher les pannes, de plus si vous en avez plusieurs vous pouvez tous les contrôlés indépendamment les uns des autres.
Il gagne à être connu je l’adore c’est une réussite.

Compact, perfect for electronics

Checking networked RS485 devices, moving from location to location, and every thing I need is in this small package, and my cell which I carry all the time anyway. Brilliant!

Hi Jonathan, great to hear that your Pokit Pro is assisting you on-the-go already!

Compact and full featured.

Feels like a mini scope, multimeter magic.

Better than Fluke/ I wish I bought 3 for each phase

These are just amazing for a master electrician ! It’s slimmer and doesn’t take up as much room in my bag , I have one for my trouble shooting bag and one for my tech bag . The oscilloscope features are just awesome and I think the app could use some improvements for those that won’t to use 3 of these meters for data logging a 3 phase system but for 1 and 2 phases independently I am covered. Overall I am happy but like I said they could spend more time on the app for more scenarios with multiple meters and just make it more flashy and professional.

Hi Jonathan, thanks for your feedback and great to hear that your Pokit Pro is assisting you professionally!

Looong wait

The product is fine. The excitement is however reduced by loong waiting. Idea of using mobile phone as a screen is great but it also has some drawbacks.
Good points: small and handy
"Could be better" points:
When I use the same smartphone to read schematic, it is difficult to keep switch between the app and a reader or browser. Maybe the app could also have a reduced size mode on the screen?
The fuse cover, color rubber thing, is weak and is getting loose easily. Why did you make this detail from different material than the rest?
The led light idea is great, however man would expect that the light spots on the tip of measuring pin, not somwhere else because it has no point otherwise.

Hi Maciej, thank you for your feedback! Your suggestions/points have been passed on to our team. The fuse cover is a different material so that it can be folded back to show the information underneath and to cover the fuse screws.

Good device, app needs some work, manual needs lots.

This was certainly well worth the wait, and I hoped that the delays would mean the documentation would be polished. Nope. The app includes the first digital oscilloscope I've used (I have used digital logic analyzers), and there is nothing in the documentation about it, e.g. what the trigger modes mean, how to call up and position vertical and horizontal markers, etc.

Still, it worked well to examine voltage levels and signal quality on a RS232 serial port on a new model weather station I needed to get online, see trace.

The good thing is that the improvements I want are not in the device itself, but in the app and documentation.

Hi Ric, thanks for the feedback in regard to the manual. Your points have now been passed on to our team. Please also refer to our Pokit Pro Oscilloscope user guide for further information on using the DSO: https://help.pokitmeter.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408015918617-Pokit-User-Guide-Oscilloscope-Pokit-Pro

A lot to like.

The Pokit Pro does everything that I was hoping for. My expectations were reasonable for such a fair value handheld device. I think delivered functionality exceeded those expectations. The device conveniently complements my electronics/electrical toolkit, and extends it in very useful ways. Build quality is very good and the companion app appears to functionally works fine. Not sexy, but I don't care - I need reliability.

Hi Kevin, great to hear that you feel this way about Pokit Pro! There is a lot packed into such a compact device.

Great device with some room for improvements.

I own both Pokit and Pro (I'm one of the original kickstarter backers who believes in this company) and I have to say I absolutely love the new Pokit Pro design. USB-C charging is amazing. Access to fuse easily. Ability to name and color probes in app is also a nice touch.

Some improvement ideas.
1. Physical limitation: I think the "stabbers" would hold their extra device adapters if they had that terminal slot machined into them (Like other meter tip leads that I have). I work in industrial environment and I find my tip adapters just aren't holding on great because the metal lead tip is a long smooth shaft so naturally a little tug and the adapters just slide off. Luckily I can extend cable length to avoid this tugging better now with the banaa lead/cable adatper.

2. It would be great that if I switched the measurement mode on the Pokit that it would natively switch in app if the app was open and connected.

3. Logging for things other than voltage would be nice. Like if I wanted to check various resistance values I could just simply log them.

4. Let the app be in multi-device mode for more parts of the app. Live multi device would be great

5. Logging graph still feels a little clunky to work with. Hard to read both X and Y axis values (sometimes the values just disappear) and scaling/zooming seems to mess up the display from time to time.

All in all though I am extremely happy to have this much functionality in such a small form factor and the device is lightweight. It has saved me due to it's portability. I literally take it everywhere I go.

Hi Shawn, great to hear that you're loving your Pokit Pro so far, and thank you for your feedback and suggestions here - they have now been passed on to our engineers to see what improvements can be made.

Good as expected.

The app is not as intuitive as I had expected and some of the triggering methods don't seem to work correctly, but I'm general I'm pretty happy as I assume they will continue to make it better. Super handy for work and around the garage.

Hi Kyle, thanks for the feedback. We are constantly working on the app to ensure that it functions as smoothly as possible.

Great addition to my kit

I’ve had the original Pokitmeter for a few years now but the PokitPro’s ability to be able to measure up to 600volts is a much needed addition I now use it instead of my DMM.

Pokit Meter
Nhokon Park (South Korea)
Good for multimeter

It's good tool for multimeter.
I want to free run function for oscilloscope.

Hi Nhokon, only Pokit Pro is able to use free run and continuous triggers.

Good for me

Fuse is easy broken,

Maybe next version will design a gap to prevention slider move

Still waiting

I have been been emailed to review the product. I am still waiting for it to arrive.

Hi Willem, I can see that your order is still in transit and I have now reached out to our fulfilment centre to check on the status of your order.

never recieved

I was told I would get chance to update my shipping address before launch, and it was sent to my old address without chance to update

Hi David, sorry to hear that this has happened with your order. Please contact our support team at support@pokitmeter.com and we can make sure a new order is sent out to you.

A versatile and compact instrument

The PokitPro tops my instruments list. It has already replaced my multimeter and I love the Oscilloscope and Specrum Analyzer functions.
Only wish I could analyze higher frequencies. It's a very good value for money.

Hi Yngvi, fantastic to hear that you regard Pokit Pro so highly!

Overall happy with it

Overall very happy with the Pokit pro. The only concern I have is the cable for the other end of the probe. If this was damaged, how it can be replaced.


Really new and Nice piece of kit. Its small, fits in your pocket. Buy keep IT charges !!

Software improvements potential

I did tons of useful work with the unit and am overall very satisfied with this Kick. Some ideas: can't use the app for anything without paired device. I would like to download the saved oscilloscope runs. Purely personally, i find CSV less useful, i would prefer a bitmap export. I am not talking about "screenshot" - due to iPhone form factor, a lot of screen estate is occupied by irrelevant UI. Diode function beep is little too slow reacting to be really fluent.

Great little unit, using at work taking a little time to reconnect.

Please can the Mode button be removed from the app and replace with the setting button (ie the one that says Voltage AC/ Capacitance) as a quick click on that could be used to change the ''mode'' or range/function.

I see some improvements have been made to blue tooth connectivity, they still haven't filtered through to the phone for some reason, app is up to date. firmware v1.4.0 hardware 1.0

Also is it possible to default to the AC V measurement on the voltage setting (instead of DC V) and the for example capacitance setting instead of the resistance setting?

Otherwise great unit have been using at work for at least 4 weeks, very handy, compact and useful, Great screen on cell phone, Leads could be longer but would get tangled easier, just get the extension adapters.

finalmente uno strumento completo e portabilissimo

Pretty good compact tool

Have some trouble keeping it linked but it works. The Oscilloscope triggering isn’t explained well between free run and continuous. Unsure of the accuracy of the amplitude on the Oscilloscope and I don’t see a calibration option. So far the switching mechanism is working fine, I’m concerned for its longevity. Doubt it is a suitable substitute for a Fluke for detailed measurements but it is a great way to reduce bag size and weight if you don’t HAVE to have a Fluke, not to mention the addition of an O’scope in this size is great. Overall very happy with the unit, love being able to remove bulky multimeter from my bag while adding an oscilloscope. The case could be a tad bigger to fit more of the attachments vice leaving them loose in the bag. Good Job Pokit!!! Now lets get it reading NMEA 0183 sentences :-)

Beyond my expectations

The product feels right when holding it, the weight is just right. The UI for the app seems friendly and easy to use. The only con is the pouch, it doesn't fit everything that comes in the package in such a way that I would feel comfortable that nothing will get scratched.