Pokit Meter: The Ultimate Tool for Students!

Pokit Meter: The Ultimate Tool for Students!

This blog post was originally posted on September 20, 2021.

We are launching the Pokit Student Program! This program aims to help students who may be struggling to visit a school lab to use equipment such as a multimeter, oscilloscope, and data logger. We realise that to purchase each of these individually is not only bulky, but also costly for students to commit to. Pokit Meter is an all-in-one solution that students can connect directly to their smartphones via Bluetooth.

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“…I thought the Pokit Meter was invaluable to the students’ learning about experimental physics…I knew that I could create kits that would allow the students to perform nearly 20 of the labs they would have done in person at Yale, and the Pokit Meter made it possible.”

Professor Cahn of Yale University

To join the program, you will need to send us your school, faculty or university’s email domain name  (e.g. if you go to Sydney University, submit You must be a professor or educational staff at the university to be eligible to submit your university email address domain. If you are a student, let your professor or tutor know, and they can email us at

Once you have joined, everyone from your university can use their university email address to access a 15% off student discount for their Pokit Meter purchase and future exclusive student offers.

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