Unlocking the Power of Pokit: Why Two Devices Are Better Than One

Unlocking the Power of Pokit: Why Two Devices Are Better Than One

This blog post was originally posted on July 10, 2023.

In the world of electronics and circuitry, accurate measurements are crucial to understanding and optimising performance. When it comes to measurement tools, Pokit Pro and Pokit Meter have established themselves as reliable and versatile companions for professionals and enthusiasts alike. But have you ever wondered what would happen if you had not just one, but two devices at your disposal?  What if you could view concurrent measurements from multiple devices on a single screen in real time? In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why two devices are better than one, unveiling a world of possibilities for measurement enthusiasts. Let’s dive in!

Enhanced Signal Analysis and Power Measurements

When measuring signals with a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO), having two or more devices opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. By utilising multiple devices, you can measure signals that correlate in time, allowing for a more comprehensive analysis of systems. This enhanced signal analysis provides valuable insights into the behaviour of your circuits, enabling you to fine-tune performance and troubleshoot issues with precision.

But the advantages don’t stop there. With two devices, you can simultaneously measure volts and current and even calculate DC Watts using both a Multimeter and a DSO. This dynamic duo empowers you to delve deeper into power measurements, providing a holistic view of power consumption and efficiency.  Whether you’re working on a complex project or simply curious about the power dynamics of your circuits, the combined capabilities of two devices offer an unparalleled advantage.

Seamless Circuit Diagnosis and Monitoring

Imagine being able to diagnose a circuit and then leave one device as a logger to ensure its ongoing performance. With two devices, this becomes a reality. By utilising one device as a diagnostic tool and leaving the other as a logger, you can continuously monitor the circuit’s behaviour, ensuring it remains in optimal working condition. This unique feature saves time and provides peace of mind, knowing that your circuits are being monitored without interruptions.

Additionally, one of the critical advantages of Pokit’s technology is the ease of calculating the internal resistance of an active circuit using Ohm’s Law. Internal resistance plays a crucial role in circuit performance, and with two devices (concurrently measuring volt and current), you can accurately calculate this parameter, thereby gaining deeper insights into the behaviour and efficiency of your circuits. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an avid electronics enthusiast, having the power to calculate internal resistance on active circuits opens new doors for circuit optimization and performance enhancement.

Versatility and Collaboration

Having two devices means having the flexibility to measure voltage drop across a circuit effortlessly. Voltage drop is a critical parameter to assess circuit performance and identify potential issues. With Pokit’s multi-functional features, you can concurrently measure voltage drop across different sections of a circuit, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its behaviour and ensuring optimal performance.

Furthermore, Pokit lets you easily measure branching current paths without interrupting the circuit’s operation. This capability is invaluable when troubleshooting complex circuits with multiple branches. By measuring current in different paths simultaneously, you can pinpoint irregularities or imbalances, enabling you to fine-tune your design for optimal performance.

Lastly, let’s not forget the collaborative aspect. Two devices offer the opportunity to lend one to a friend or colleague, allowing them to experience the power and versatility first-hand. Sharing knowledge and expertise becomes seamless, fostering a collaborative environment where everyone benefits from the capabilities of Pokit.

Continue Exploring

To further deepen your understanding and exploration of Pokit and measurement techniques, here are some suggested topics to continue studying:

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Power optimization strategies: Dive into the world of power optimization, studying techniques such as load balancing, power factor correction, and energy-efficient designs.

Circuit monitoring and logging: Explore different methods and devices for circuit monitoring and logging, including data acquisition systems, IoT-based solutions, and real-time analytics.

Related Topics

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Circuit analysis and troubleshooting: Enhance your circuit analysis and troubleshooting skills by studying topics like circuit laws, network theorems, component-level testing, and systematic fault-finding approaches.


Two devices bring a new level of measurement capabilities to your fingertips. From enhanced signal analysis and power measurements to seamless circuit diagnosis and monitoring, the advantages of Pokit’s measurement ecosystem are undeniable. The versatility and collaboration opportunities it provides further amplify its value. Embrace the power of two (or more) and unlock a world of possibilities in-circuit measurement and optimization.

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