Field Tech

A measurement device that's as mobile as you are

No matter where you’re deployed, Pokit devices are versatile enough to suit whatever task you need to tackle. With a growing range of modules all rolled into compact devices, Pokit will keep you efficient while on the move.

Streamline your electrical measurement toolkit

We know that Field Technicians need to be as efficient as possible when on the job. When completing on-site servicing, diagnostics and repairs, you need to be quick to get to the next client. Bulky electrical measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes can often slow you down – until now.

Pokit streamlines your measurement tool kit into a compact, pocket-sized device. Connect a Pokit Pro or Pokit Meter to your phone or tablet and you’re ready to start measuring. Whether you’re installing telecommunications devices, repairing machinery or troubleshooting faulty equipment, Pokit has a module for you. Save yourself and your clients' time by enhancing your efficiency with Pokit.

Why Pokit?

Efficiency From A-to-B

Get onto the next job quicker with an electrical measurement device more portable than any other. Save the time you lose when switching between multiple devices by using one to do all you need plus more.

Never Be Caught Out Again

We know not having the right tool with you when you need is a pain. With Pokit, all you need to remember is one device that will include a module that suits your need, with more modules able to be downloaded at a moment's notice.

Stay Productive

Pokit devices are designed to keep you as efficient as possible in your work. The Pokit App clearly visualises your findings and allows you to easily share your measurements with your colleagues or friends.

Pokit Field Tech Bundle

The Pokit Field Tech Bundle will equip with you with two Pokit Pros that will have you ready to measure anything, anytime, anywhere. Pokit Pro is small enough to keep in your pocket to be ready at a moment's notice, so there's no need to carry heavy equipment with you.

Upgrade your field tech capabilities with Pokit Pro!

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