The Smallest Oscilloscopes You Can Find

Pokit will change what you think an oscilloscope is. Don’t let the bulkiness of traditional oscilloscopes hold you back from measuring waveforms on-the-go.


Included with Pokit Pro and Pokit Meter

We know that quickly measuring waveforms can be a cumbersome experience. It often takes a lot of foresight to plan when you will need an oscilloscope, and it’s not the kind of device you would have on you at all times – until now.

Pokit's Oscilloscope Module puts the power of an oscilloscope in devices that can fit in your pocket. Analyse voltage and current signals wherever you go. Whether in the lab, at home, or on-site in the field, Pokit’s Oscilloscope Module will have you troubleshooting and debugging more efficiently than ever before.

Key Features

Pokit's Oscilloscope Module packs a punch.


Connect up to four Pokit Pros to measure multiple signals simultaneously. All waveforms appear on the screen at once, allowing you to compare signals with ease.

*Multichannel is exclusive to Pokit Pro

Pinch, Drag and Zoom

Pinch, drag and zoom to inspect the nuance and detail of your signals.


Choose when and how a signal is captured with a range of triggers, including free run*, force*, continuous and one time.

*Exclusive to Pokit Pro


Use functions to check the frequency, period, point-to-point, RMS, average and duty of your signals.

Save, Export and Share

Save your waveforms and export them to your mobile device, or share with others directly from the Pokit App.


Synchronised Channels

Connect up to four Pokit Pros at once to measure multiple signals simultaneously. Colour-code and rename each channel to distinguish which waveform is which.



Easily analyse your data by using the inbuilt oscilloscope functions: Frequency, period, point-to-point, RMS, average and duty.

Why Pokit Oscilloscope?

Wireless Multichannel

Welcome to the future of oscilloscopes. Connect up to four devices and each one will act as a wireless channel beaming synchronised waveforms back to your app. The Pokit App's wireless control and display brings unparalleled convenience and remote monitoring.

Why Pokit Oscilloscope?

Visualise Waveforms

An oscilloscope is a powerful tool that significantly enhances your ability to work with electronics. The Pokit Oscilloscope Module allows you to analyse any electrical signal, visualise waveforms, and make precise measurements that would otherwise be difficult or impossible.

Why Pokit Oscilloscope?

Spectrum Analyser

Discover the invisible world of signals with the Pokit Spectrum Analyser. Unveil hidden frequencies, identify interference, and optimise performance effortlessly. Enhance your understanding of wireless environments, troubleshoot with precision, and make informed decisions. Elevate your analysis game with real-time insights, unlocking a spectrum of benefits.

Compatible Device Specifications

Compare the oscilloscope specifications of different Pokit devices to see which one is right for you.

Voltage Measurement

1mV to 600V DC, 600V AC (RMS), CAT III, ±1%

10mV to 60V DC, 42V AC (RMS), ±1%

Current Measurement

1uA to 10A AC(RMS)/DC max, ±1%

1mA to 2A max, ±1%


12bit, 1M sample/sec

12bit, 1M sample/sec

Input Impedance (DC)

10M Ohm

1M Ohm

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