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Pokit Pro
EDUARDO D.L.F.V. (Chile)

Just to say it's more than I thought about it before to bought it. Thanks POCKET! (except the nippers).

Pokit Pro
Philip B. (United Kingdom)
Great gadget

I have 2 issues , 1st the negative probe lead is too tight and would need to be stretched to park the probe properly, and I feel the cable will soon fracture. 2nd the selection switch on the side seems to be fragile and a bit hit and miss to get seated in the correct position. Other than that I love it.

Pokit Meter
Daniel M. (United States)

The small size is great. It is great to be able to carry it so easily. HOWEVER, it does not handle 120V AC. For me that is about 90% of my need. So big disappointment. I didn't realize this when I bought it. It never crossed my mind that they would leave out something so critical.

Pokit Pro
Michael B. (United States)
A poket full of help

A very useful tool that doesn’t take a lot of space.
I frequently needed to have a meter or scope with a very long lead. Not any more. I can have multiple meters and channels all on one screen of my phone with logging. It is fantastic. I do wish the fuses were easy to see and change.

Pokit Meter
AJ H. (United States)
Truly pocket sized

I lost the back within the week. Then the battery. Great otherwise.

Pokit Meter Fuse Set
Martin L. (Australia)

I accidentally ordered the wrong fuse set as I own a pockit pro.

Pokit Pro Fuse Set
dwc309 (United States)
Don't need the wire grip clips

I haven't replaced the fuses yet so I'm assuming that they will work but I wanted to indicate that I don't need the wire grip clips and would've preferred to buy just the fuses.

Pokit Pro
mA P. (Canada)
Great cary-on

Always in the tool case, just in case.

Pokit Pro
Dalibor K. (Croatia)
Good overall, but...

Its a fantastic little device, perfect for my needs, but I do have one remark - it doesnt have inbuilt protection when doing continuity check, if u connect the leads to a voltage source by mistake it will immediatelly blow the internal fuse. And there is no indication that something happened. The only way to find out is to try and measure voltage again and of course fail. Fluke and other similar devices dont suffer from this, and changing the fuse in my typical work environment can be tricky - the screws are soooo small and if they pop out for whatever reason there is no way to find them again. Other than that, maybe a power (W, KW, even kWh measurement can be added via update when using 2 channels)

Broken hinge

The delivery took quite a long time to arrive in Chile. The content was ok.
Would have been nice to have a sheet of paper or receive a link to information about some of the components which are not so typical as the ARDUNION UNO.
And the plastic case which in general looks very nice, came with one of the 2 hinges broken.
This was clearly not broken in transport as the package was OK so it was broken before or during assembly. Very bad QA.

Hi Alberto, sorry to hear that your Uno Starter Kit arrived this way. We will check with our warehouse about the condition of the other units to ensure the cases are in tact.

Pokit Meter Fuse Set
Alberto S. (Chile)
Late but OK

The delivery to Chile took quite a long time, but it was ok. Count not needing fuse soon...

Pokit Pro
William U. (Canada)
The tech tool I never knew I needed

So, background here, I come from 33 years in the Royal Canadian Navy as an electrical technician, meaning PG&D systems. If I were a comms or IT hardware guy, the Pokit Pro probably wouldn't be my first choice because of capping signal freq at 500k. But for my purposes - power systems and (now that I'm retired) getting into some hobby audio electronics & low-speed digital logic stuff, this is easily the best piece of kit I've bought in ages. I haven't had a chance to fully explore the scope display capabilities, but it certainly looks to be very complete.

Hi William, great to hear that you are loving your Pokit Pro and that it suits your needs!

Pokit Pro
Tommy S. (Sweden)
I love it and my engineering friends is jeolous!

A Pokit Pro and a T80 soldering iron is all I need in life!
Lots of surprises, recently discovered the feature to measure capacitance for capacitors!
Pokit is an incredible tool that makes me feel like a professional!

Wish for a pc/linux app and a little easier way of changing fuses, but that's really a minor problem.

Hi Tommy, awesome to hear that your Pokit Pro is meeting your needs!

Pokit Pro
Ian S. (United Kingdom)
Pokit pro App

Only complaint I have is using the DC voltage graph in the data mode the graph does not display the Voltage scale on the left hand side so using the graph you have no idea of the actual voltage reading

Pokit Pro
Mark (Australia)
Best thing Since Sliced Bread

I have been waiting for a tool just like this for decades. Technology and common sense have merged into the Pokit Pro. I love it, as it does everything I need in one simple device. Easy interface on my Android device too.

Hi Mark, awesome to hear that you're loving your Pokit Pro! Glad to know that we could develop a tool that meets all your needs.

Pokit Pro
C. (Norway)

Superb tool

Pokit Pro
Ülo S. (Estonia)
Keep up good work!

Thank you, fulfills all expectations
Nice, sturdy and serous product to use

Pokit Pro
Tim M. (Australia)
Pokit Pro trial

So far the experience has been good. An occasional connection issue, but give it a couple of seconds and it corrects itself. Haven't used a longterm logging yet, but have used it remotely a couple of times with good results.

UNO R3 Starter Kit for Arduino
Stephen C. (United States)
Missing support or instructions for beginners.

Needs link to instructions of how to use this kit.

Pokit Pro
Gilberto B. (Italy)


Pokit Pro
Philippe D. (France)
a must have tool (especially as a bundle)

I have got a bundle of two Pokit Pro for a couple of weeks and I am very satisfied with these devices. The battery lasting is amazing and both the hardware and software are user friendly. Sync functionalities for oscilloscope multiple entries work very well. Concerning the software some cosmetic errors remain with discrepancies in unit, especially when using cursors (eg. ms instead of s). No doubt this will be fixed in a future update. The logger capabilities are very interesting with the csv export but it could be nice to have the possibility to use, in the app, cursors on saved data as if it were in acquisition mode. I hope that this is a part of the roadmap. Thank you for such a development that fills a hole in the known measurement tools.

Pokit Pro
StrongHammer (United States)
Pokit Pro -- Excellent, and very handy meter

I have wanted something like this for many years, so when I first found out about these a couple years ago I was ecstatic. The Pokit meter doesn't have the functionality I need as I work mainly with 120/240v AC circuits, but I saw they were working on Pokit Pro which would handle the higher voltage. After waiting and watching for the Pokit Pro to becoming available (I did not want to pre-order) I finally ordered one about a month ago, took about 2 weeks to arrive. I have been looking for ways to use it ever since.
Not having to be connected to the display like a traditional meter allows much greater flexibility. You can set your phone or tablet in a convenient spot for viewing, or even use your apple watch to see the readout. Having in run through an app allows for much more flexibility, like logging, saving readings, and much more.
I am sure that they are working on this, but it can't completely replace my traditional meter until they come out with an amp clamp attachment (or even a stand alone device that is just an AC/DC amp clamp).
I am excited about everything that this meter will allow me to do and all of the potential future improvements and accessories.

Pokit Pro
Customer (Germany)
Great smart Tool!

I got it from Kickstarter. Now i use it often for little Projects. My Fluke is often in the locker.

Pokit Pro
Pavel G. (Bulgaria)
Great hardware, app needs a bit more work

Works well, very portable, the only downsides I can think of is the app is missing some QOL like no way lock measuring range, read a particular value or mark it in oscilloscope. That is all easily fixable of course and its still a very useful device.

Pokit Pro
R.K. (Slovenia)

Great device!
A lot of function in a small piece of equipment. I'm very satisfied of it!