8 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Robotics

8 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited about Robotics

This blog post was originally posted on December 15, 2021.

From coding to electric toys, the maker movement is gaining popularity among kids and adults alike. The current maker culture embraces a curiosity to tinker with physical objects, wires, and electronics. Moreover, it focuses on learning practical skills, being innovative, and building a community of experimenting.

Electronics and Robotics have their roots in the maker movement. While electronics explores electric circuits, robotics includes the study and design of intelligent and innovative machines. Both fields encourage children to channel their creativity and create devices, such as robots, independently.

Building your very own first robot can be a complex yet rewarding task. Plus, it requires a basic understanding of robotics and robot programming. Here, we discuss the top tips you should follow to get your child excited about developing their creative inventions:

What are the Benefits of Teaching Kids Robotics?

There are endless educational benefits of teaching your kids about robotics. Not just this, but teaching your child robotics offers countless opportunities for personal growth. Here, we discuss the pros of introducing your kid to robotics:

·   Robotics offers excellent opportunities for teamwork and collaboration

·   It enhances your child’s creativity and problem-solving skills

·   It unlocks an array of exciting future career opportunities

·   Interacting with robots and programming is enjoyable

How to Introduce Kids to Robotics?

Although not every child will naturally find robotics, electronics, and coding enjoyable, it’s a good idea to expose them to the tools.

An excellent way of cultivating a deep interest in robotics in young children is by getting them LEGO sets. This way, your little one will get comfortable building new things. After this, you can buy them DIY kits, robotics tools, and relevant picture books.

Why Should Kids Learn Robotics from a Young Age?

Robotics and electronics are rapidly growing industries that represent state-of-the-art tools to solve some of the world’s gravest problems. However, most of the schools across the globe are yet to introduce the subject in their curriculum.

But this does not mean parents can’t nurture a positive interest in robotics. Here are a couple of reasons why you should encourage your kid to start learning robotics at a young age:

·   Robotics facilitates STEM learning

·   It improves self-confidence

·   It paves the path for coding and programming

·   It teaches your child basic math and science concepts

Top 8 Ways to Get Kids Excited about Robotics

Robotics is a fascinating and futuristic subject gaining popularity across the world. Let’s discuss the top ways you can get your child excited about learning robotics:

Join Robotics Clubs and Workshops

Encourage your kid to learn more about electronics and robotics by signing up for community workshops. An increasing number of organizations offer newer, more accessible ways for kids to learn and create.

You can find out about robotics clubs and workshops in the following places:

·   Your local libraries

·   After-school clubs

·   Makerspace or hacklabs in your community

·   Online challenges

Visiting Robotics Museum

Get your child excited about electronics and robotics by showing them fascinating past inventions. Visit a robotics museum with your child and teach them more about different innovations in history and the impact they had on society.

Some museums, like the Tech Museum of Innovations, allow kids to build robots and sign up for fun robotics challenges.

Sign Up for Coding Camps

Summer camps and clubs are an excellent way of exposing your children to new and fun subjects like electronics and robotics.

Sign up for coding camps to encourage your child to learn valuable coding skills. Coding and robotic camps introduce children to tech skills, tools and offer hands-on activities.

Join Online Communities

Find inspiration online by becoming a part of online communities. Venture onto Google and look for magazines, online communities, and groups that offer maker projects with photos and instructions.

This way, your kid is bound to learn practical skills to create versatile robots.

Teach Robotics through Online Platforms

Avoid waiting until your little one enters high school to start teaching them robotics. Start teaching them how to code before elementary school by signing them up for fun robotic courses.

Online courses typically include weekly assignments, a flexible schedule, highly interactive videos, and informative reading material.

Try DIY Projects

Once your child starts experimenting with new skills and projects, you need to keep them motivated with new activities and experiences.

Encourage your kid to be innovative and creative with buildable technology like homemade robots. Learn how to use basic electronics equipment such as a multimeter or a data logger. Invest in DIY kits that introduce kids to the world of robotics and coding to give them a taste of real-life facets of robotic technology.

Buy Basic and Useful Robotic Tools

Increase your child’s interest in electronics and robotics by exposing them to essential yet revolutionary robotic tools and experiences.

Devices like Pokit Meter incite curiosity and encourage your children to learn, explore, and experiment.

Be a Good Example

Encourage your child to gain an interest in robotics by being a good example. Delegate half a couple of hours to teach them basic concepts, principles, and operations of robotics and robot programming on a weekly basis.

Alternatively, you may tackle new projects to help them learn how to use different tools and devices. It’s also an excellent way of spending quality time with your child.

The Bottom Line

Research reveals that robots will likely replace up to 20 million factory jobs by 2030. Technology is evolving almost every day, and it will continue to do so. Gear up your kids for the future by teaching them about robotics.

Get your kids excited about robotics by introducing them to ground-breaking and valuable tools like Pokit Meter. With this all-in-one robotics device, your little one can begin their venture to becoming a future inventor.

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