Portability and precision in the lab and on-the-go

Don't let your problem solving be bound to the bench. Pokit devices allow you to discover innovative solutions to solve engineering challenges wherever you may find them. Stay at the forefront of electrical measurement technology with Pokit!

Say hello to an engineer's best friend

Have you ever dreamed of having all your favourite electrical measurement tools rolled into one device? Your dreams have been realised.

We know how detail-oriented and analytical you are required to be as an engineer. Adaptability is key, and you need to be ready to measure whatever comes your way. Whether you need a multimeter for fault finding, an oscilloscope to check signal integrity, or a range tester to detect the presence of voltage in a circuit, Pokit has modules to cover all your engineering needs.

Why Pokit?

Take Your Lab with You

Tired of bulky equipment being too difficult to take out of the lab? Fed up with transporting multiple pieces of equipment? Pokit devices are compact enough to take everywhere, meaning that you will always have the measurement tools you need with you at all times.

Devices You Can Trust

Portability doesn’t come at the expense of precision. We know how important accuracy is for engineers, so Pokit devices are built with accuracy in mind. Pokit devices come calibrated straight out of the box, and can be manually calibrated to meet your needs.

Stay Productive

Pokit devices are designed to keep you as efficient as possible in your work. The Pokit App clearly visualises your findings and allows you to easily share your measurements with your colleagues, clients, or friends.

Pokit Engineering Bundle

The Pokit Engineering Bundle is ideal for all engineers, coming with a Pokit Pro and various accessories to tackle any measurement task. Pokit Pro gives you the power of a multimeter, oscilloscope and data logger, with more modules on their way.

Make Pokit a part of your engineering toolkit today!

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