The ideal way to take automotive electrical measurements

Revamp your automotive troubleshooting game! Pokit devices pack multiple tools into one, letting you diagnose and troubleshoot like never before. No more carrying a boot full of redundant tools – Pokit will supercharge your abilities!

The perfect addition to your glovebox

Imagine having a versatile multimeter at your disposal to effortlessly check your car battery's voltage. Picture yourself precisely identifying and locating the source of any electrical issue with an advanced oscilloscope. Envision yourself using an easy-to-use data logger to monitor your automotive needs over an extended period.

Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting down different tools for specific tasks. Pokit has you covered for all your automotive electrical measurement needs. Never worry about being without the right tool at a crucial moment again. Choose Pokit and stay prepared!

Why Pokit?

Measure From the Driver’s Seat

With Pokit’s wireless display, you can view all your measurements from the inside of your vehicle. Set up your Pokit device under the bonnet and view your measurements on the Pokit App on the go!

Unrivaled Portability

Both Pokit Meter and Pokit Pro are small enough to access hard-to-reach spaces around your vehicle. Their compact size makes them effortlessly storable in any convenient compartment without getting in the way, ready for use whenever the need arises.

Improved Efficiency

Upgrade your device with specific App Modules to eliminate the need for multiple tools and provide unparalleled flexibility. Tailor your toolkit to suit your unique needs and enjoy the convenience of a versatile and customisable solution. Pokit empowers you to take control of your automotive electrical work with ease and precision.