Pokit Meter Fuse Set

Pokit Meter Fuse Set

Pokit Meter Fuse Set

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The Pokit Meter Fuse Set is what we call the debugging survival kit. Includes 5 spare fuses with fuse covers and an extra set of wire grip probes.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tony Fleming (United States)
Must have with PoKit meter

Strongly suggest to purchase this extra set of fuses. The fuse protects your investment!

Gary Speechley (Australia)
Handy spares….

Great addition to my pokit meter - spare fuses (though I haven’t had to use any yet ;-) and additional probe clips. They all fit inside the carry pouch for the pokit meter - though I advise keeping the fuses in a tiny zip-lock plastic bag to keep them all together.

Hi Gary, the extra fuses are great to have on hand. Great idea with keeping them in a zip-lock bag! They are very small so it's good to keep them safe.

Tony Fleming (United States)

Thank you for a quick delivery!

Hi Tony, glad to hear that your fuse set reached you promptly!

David YOUNG (France)
A necessity !

The fuse pack is a necessity since one can inadvertently switch from a voltage range to a current range with the probes connected to a power source. Bad practice I know, but sh*t happens !
The additional wire clips are useful but I am not sure that I need to get a pair every time I order additional fuses !
While I am more than happy to buy spare fuses from Pokit, it would be good to know if there are other sources, just in case. Or are they custom-made for Pokit ?
Hopefully the four spare fuses that I now have will see me out for some time to come .....

Thanks for your feedback. The Pokit meter fuses are custom made. There was no standard fuse that would fit in Pokit Meter, so we had to design one ourselves.

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