Pokit Multi-Case

Sale price$ 35.00

Carry all your Pokit gear in one case!

The Pokit Multi-Case is intuitively designed to securely hold multiple Pokit devices along with plenty of extra room for all your Pokit accessories. An essential for any Pokiteer with multiple Pokit devices!

  • Debossed Pokit logo
  • Secure hard case to protect your Pokit devices
  • Soft touch rubberized texture for premium feel
  • Zipper pocket to hold accessories
  • Elastic to hold Pokit devices securely
  • Middle sleeve with two pockets for extra storage
  • Dimensions: 22.5 x 11.5 x 5.5 cm
  • Special launch price!!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Terry C. (United States)

Only issue is fuse blowing.

Grahame B. (Japan)
Nice design but to small!

When I first bought my Pokit Pro, I bought a Pokit Meter as well and all the accessories, including a case for the Pro and Meter and I now find the new case doesn’t have enough room for all my bits and pieces plus the Pro and Meter, so I store all the bits and pieces and Meter ( in its own case ) in the new case and the Pro in its own case, which keeps everything nice and tidy. Most of the time I’m usually carrying the Meter around as EDC because it’s small enough to attach to my key ring and is too convenient to leave behind, I hope you release the protective cover for the Pro soon, as I’ve dropped it a couple of times, luckily not from too great a height and it still works.

Robert D. (Australia)
A nice roomy Case

I bought the Multi Case because the standard case was too small for the Pokit Pro and a few leads, spare fuses, etc.
They would fit - but would also fall out all the time.
The Multi Case is LARGE, as the name suggests, it would be ideal for 2 or 3 Pokit Pro's.
Total overkill in my case...perhaps a Medium Case some time in the future.
The case is well made, easy to use & the various compartments work well.